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Secret showdown: “Bobby’s Triple Threat” takes the competition underground

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Caroline Collacutt / TV Media
Bobby Flay and contestant Jonathon Sawyer in “Bobby’s Triple Threat”

Bobby Flay and contestant Jonathon Sawyer in “Bobby’s Triple Threat”

Somewhere deep under the hustle and bustle of New York City stands a kitchen unlike any other: a kitchen built for titans. Only accessible by password – and to us lucky viewers  – chef Bobby Flay invites the most talented in the industry to visit his underground kitchen and compete in another round of culinary’s most exclusive competition: Season 2 of “Bobby’s Triple Threat” begins Friday, Sept. 1, on Food Network. 

The series, hosted and orchestrated by Flay, follows as a trio of culinary titans (talented chefs handpicked by Bobby) head to the host’s speakeasy-style kitchen, where they will face-off in a secret showdown against some of the most-skilled chefs in the game in order to see who really is the best of the best. 

This season, Flay welcomes titans: Brooke Williamson, who earned worldwide acclaim as the youngest female chef to ever cook at the James Beard House; Michael Voltaggio, a Michelin star-rated chef and “Top Chef” winner; and Tiffany Derry, a two-time James Beard Award finalist, former “Top Chef” contestant, and current owner of Roots Southern Table.

“[The titans] have competed in and won countless tournaments, proving their culinary excellence and securing their names and reputations among the very best in the biz,” Food Network explains. “This time, though, they won’t be competing to earn glory but to keep it. Over the course of three head-to-head rounds, elite chef-contestants will battle the titans and have their food judged in blind taste tests.” Making matters more complicated: Flay will choose an ingredient that must be featured in each dish. 

Whoever finishes the competition on top earns not only bragging rights, but a whopping $25,000 prize. 

“Season 1 of ‘Triple Threat’ was just a warmup,” Flay recently claimed. “In Season 2, I welcome 10 of the best chefs in the country to take on the titans. The challengers walk through the speakeasy door with the utmost confidence — but will they walk out with the same swagger and $25,000? Not if my chefs have anything to say about it.”

The competition will put Bobby’s best to the test, however, as this season’s guest competitors include “Iron Chef” stars Michael Symon and Jose Garces; “Chopped” judge Scott Conant; Kelsey Bernard Clark; Esther Choi; Kelvin Fernandez; Byron Gomez; Rashida Holmes; Mei Lin and Shota Nakajima. 

Season 2 of “Bobby’s Triple Threat” begins Friday, Sept. 1, on Food Network.