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Personal invitation: Bobby Flay invites viewers into his own home

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Andrew Warren / TV Media
Damaris Phillips and Bobby Flay as seen in "The Bobby and Damaris Show"

Damaris Phillips and Bobby Flay as seen in "The Bobby and Damaris Show"

Guess what? TV stars have lives outside of the studios where they spend their days, and celebrity chefs are no exception. Of course, for a Food Network star, some time off might not be that different than time spent at work -- there's going to be food, and you can bet that it's going to be good.

Bobby Flay is one of Food Network's biggest culinary celebrities, and when he's not hosting one of his many shows, he's doing what the rest of us do on our days off: hanging out at home with his friends and family. This summer, he's invited fans to can tag along as he and his friend Damaris Phillips play host in "The Bobby and Damaris Show," which premiered last week. You can catch a new episode airing Sunday, Sept. 10, on the Food Network.

"The Bobby and Damaris Show" showcases the duo in their natural element: hosting in Bobby's backyard. This week, Ina Garten ("Barefoot Contessa") stops by Bobby's place for a visit, and the three Food Network celebrities have a chat about their favorite comfort foods.

Naturally, when you get these three folks together, it isn't going to be all talk. It doesn't take long for Bobby to get to work on his personal go-to comfort food: a meatloaf with a red chili glaze. Meanwhile, Ina whips up her own recipe for creamy parmesan mashed potatoes, with sautéed and shredded Brussels sprouts, while Damaris works on the sides: honey-buttermilk skillet cornbread and barbecue mac and cheese.

Bobby and Damaris met when she was a hopeful contestant in "Food Network Star's" ninth season back in 2013 -- a season she would go on to win. Her show, "Southern at Heart," wrapped up for good last year, but she and Bobby have remained fast friends.

"Bobby says he knew from the moment he met Damaris on 'Food Network Star' that they were going to be friends -- and their fun-filled banter and good-natured laughs are sure to entertain and even have viewers asking how they can score their own invitation," Food Network executive Courtney White said in a statement.

Well, that invitation has finally arrived. Head on down to Bobby Flay's place in a new episode of "The Bobby and Damaris Show," airing Sunday, Sept. 10, on Food Network.