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'Nailed It!': Netflix series revels in dessert disasters

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Michelle Rose / TV Media
A questionable creation from "Nailed It!"

A questionable creation from "Nailed It!"

Have you ever come across an image of a dish or dessert and thought to yourself, "I could do that"? (We all have. That's why cooking shows have been a staple of television for decades.)

It all looks so easy and perfect on Instagram or Pinterest, but things don't always turn out how you'd hoped. Mess up the sponge layers or overestimate your decorating abilities, and you could end up with a cake that will make people laugh for all the wrong reasons -- or the right ones if you're a baker on "Nailed It!"

A Netflix original series, "Nailed It!" happily steps all over the fine line that separates expectation from reality in the kitchen. It's goofy, it's silly; it's an internet meme brought to life on our TV screens. And it's filled with baking mishaps and dessert disasters that would horrify any pastry chef worth their fleur de sel.

A fourth season dropped earlier this month, and if you haven't seen it yet, it's just the kind of light-fare, feel-good TV show we need right now. Because the series never comes off as mean spirited, even as it revels in failure. Everyone's in on the joke and the bakers are just having fun (they're also hoping to win $10,000)

No one, not even world-famous pastry chef Jacques Torres (aka Mr. Chocolate), has a harsh word for the amateur bakers on this show as they attempt to replicate pro-level cakes and iced cookies in just an hour or two.

In fact, the worst criticism you'll hear from host Nicole Byer, head judge Torres or any of the guest judges in Season 4, is a reluctant admission that "it didn't taste very good." But even this is quickly followed up with some smiling words of encouragement.

This season's celebrity guests include actors Adam Scott ("Parks and Recreation") and Matt Walsh ("Veep") and Olympic gold medalist Gabby Douglas. And I won't give away all the challenges if you haven't streamed the whole season yet, but highlights (or lowlights?) include root beer-infused cake and one shaped like the sphinx.

Once you've watched all four seasons of "Nailed It!," there's more to binge-watch. With two holiday editions and four international spinoffs, this is one food show that proves to err is human (and hilarious, too).