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Let them eat cake: Pastries become royalty in 'Cake Wars: Champs' finale

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Andrew Warren / TV Media
Jonathan Bennett hosts "Cake Wars"

Jonathan Bennett hosts "Cake Wars"

Cake and royalty go way back. Wasn't it French queen Marie Antoinette who supposedly said "let them eat cake" as her subjects were starving? Regardless of whether that little historical tidbit is true (for the record, historians say it's not), this week Food Network combines royalty and cake in an episode of "Cake Wars" that should end on a much happier note than the story of the ill-fated French queen. After all, Disney princesses always get happy endings.

The flour-covered competition has been fierce since the tournament began in early February, and finally, "Cake Wars: Champs" is ready for its finale. The final episode of the season airs Sunday, March 26, on Food Network.

Disney's leading ladies are the focus of this week's competition, and with some of the best pastry chefs around going to work in the kitchen, the cakes they come up with are guaranteed to be sweet indeed. The likes of Jasmine, Cinderella, Ariel and more play a major role in this magical episode.

"Cake Wars: Champs" brought back some of the show's most memorable winners from the past, and gave them a shot at taking home another $10,000 prize for outbaking the competition. So far, the championship has included Dr. Seuss-, Lego- and Pok√©mon-themed bake-offs, as well as the Avengers and Shrek.

In each episode of "Cake Wars," four professional bakers compete to have one of their frosted creations featured in a special event. With the help of some assistants, they create huge edible displays with an eye on the $10,000 prize that comes with beating out the competition.

As usual, Jonathan Bennett presides over the champions' tournament, with Disney visual artist Brittney Lee sitting in as the third judge as a number of classic princesses come to life with the help of flour and eggs. Expert pastry chefs and regular "Cake Wars" judges Richard Ruskell and Waylynn Lucas fill the other two judges' seats.

Despite this week's Disney princess theme, not everyone gets a happy ending. Only one baker takes home $10,000 and gets to have his or her beautiful creation be the centerpiece at a special event, and since this is their second win, it really is the icing on the cake.