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'Game' on: 'Triple-G' tournament finds the best of the best

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Andrew Warren / TV Media
Guy Fieri hosts "Guy's Grocery Games"

Guy Fieri hosts "Guy's Grocery Games"

Whether it's coupons that offer huge markdowns on pricey necessities or loyalty points that add up to free groceries, supermarkets have a lot of tricks up their sleeves to earn customers' loyalty and keep them -- and their money -- coming back. Now, Flavortown Market has its own special promotion to lure back past "guests": a chance at $35,000.

The supermarket featured in Food Network's "Guy's Grocery Games" invited 16 previous winners back for a chance to win the fast-paced cooking competition a second time, and to compete against the best of the best. The "Supermarket Masters" tournament has been underway for a few weeks now, and this week the last of the final four is chosen. The new episode airs Sunday, April 2, on Food Network. 

Each episode of the tournament features four returning "Triple-G" winners who duke it out in a culinary battle of the titans, with each winner checking out $10,000 richer. 

But that nice $10,000 isn't all they've been competing for. In next week's finale -- airing Sunday, April 9 -- the four winners race down Flavortown Market's aisles one last time, and the ultimate winner is named the true Supermarket Master and takes home an additional cash prize that could be as big as $25,000.

Naturally, a "Guy's Grocery Games" tournament needs a Guy, and Guy Fieri is managing the floor, as always, giving the culinary competitors their challenges and providing running commentary as they dash through the aisles. 

As for judges, Aarti Sequeira ("Aarti Party"), Marc Murphy ("Chopped") and Troy Johnson ("Crave") are on hand throughout the tournament to evict the weakest cooks and crown the best of the best.

Besides the tournament format, an episode of "Supermarket Masters" is just like a normal episode of "Guy's Grocery Games." Set in a supermarket, four chefs are given a challenge by the host, typically one that ties into the setting somehow. They're given a set amount of time to both shop for their ingredients and cook up a dish that wows the judges.

It's hectic fun in a normal episode, but with so much money on the line, the stakes are higher than ever. "Guy's Grocery Games: Supermarket Masters" continues Sunday, April 2, on Food Network.