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Food with 'Hart': YouTube star Hannah Hart explores culinary hot spots

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Andrew Warren / TV Media
Hannah Hart stars in "I Hart Food"

Hannah Hart stars in "I Hart Food"

Here's a confession that shouldn't come as much of a surprise: I love food. As much as I do, though, Hannah Hart probably loves it more. Heck, she has her own cooking-oriented YouTube channel with millions of subscribers and hundreds of millions of views.

That channel, "My Drunk Kitchen," is pretty much just what its title advertises: Hart cooks while intoxicated, to great comedic and culinary effect. Concerns about overindulgence aside, it's been a huge hit since its first episodes in 2011, and now Hart has made the transition from web to television with a new Food Network show.

"I Hart Food" premieres Monday, Aug. 14, on Food Network, and Hart serves as both host and executive producer. Over six episodes, the media personality with a laugh-out-loud sense of humor follows her stomach to some of the country's top regional food hot spots, where she finds some amazing local dishes, and equally amazing people.

In Monday's premiere, Hart is in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where the food is just as hot as it is outdoors. She's there to check out a local culinary tradition: red and green chilies on everything. Whether it's on an all-American hamburger or a Mexican chili relleno, the little heat bombs are everywhere, giving the city's culinary scene a vibrantly colorful and oh-so-spicy personality.

Over the next five episodes, Hart heads to Portland, Maine; Asheville, North Carolina; Minneapolis, Minnesota; Eugene, Oregon; and Missoula, Montana. At each stop, she not only checks out the city's eclectic food scene but also its people. Hart's an entertaining, outgoing personality and has no trouble at all finding an "in" with the locals. After all, to truly experience a city's food, you also have to experience the people who get to enjoy it every day.

Hart may be best known for the award-winning "My Drunk Kitchen," but that's just one of her accomplishments. Her books "My Drunk Kitchen: A Guide to Eating, Drinking and Going with Your Gut" and "Buffering: Unshared Tales of a Life Fully Loaded," are both New York Times bestsellers, and she's created a philanthropic community, "Have a Hart Day," which pushes young people to volunteer in their communities.

Hannah Hart loves food and she loves people. The two come together in "I Hart Food," premiering Monday, Aug. 14, on Food Network.