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Edible laughs: Beloved comedian Jeff Dunham eats his way across America

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Andrew Warren / TV Media
Audrey and Jeff Dunham host "Incredible Edible America With the Dunhams"

Audrey and Jeff Dunham host "Incredible Edible America With the Dunhams"

The life of a world-famous standup comedian is a life on the road. Constantly moving from city to city can't be easy, especially for a committed family man like Jeff Dunham. At the very least, though, the constant city-hopping makes for a perfect opportunity to sample some amazing local cuisines.

The globally known comedian and ventriloquist has hit the road with his wife, Audrey, at his side in the ongoing series, "Incredible Edible America With the Dunhams," which premiered just a few weeks ago on Food Network. The series follows the couple on Jeff's latest standup tour, but since this is Food Network, the series is no comedy special: it's a show about food, of course. When Jeff's not performing, he and Audrey check out some of the most incredible meals around, and meet the bold culinary minds behind them.

In this week's new episode, which airs Monday, June 19, the happy couple is in Nevada's decadent Sin City. They may have come to Las Vegas for the comedy, but that doesn't mean they can't check out a burger place that claims to offer the most expensive burger in the world -- more than $700! They also sit down for one of the biggest brunches in town, and still somehow find room in their busy schedule -- not to mention in their stomachs -- for an ice cream sundae that's simply monstrous.

Dunham is one of the most popular, recognized and successful comedians in the world. It's not just his comedy that makes him stand out, though: it's his ventriloquism and his unique, politically incorrect ventriloquist "dummies," such as grumpy old guy Walter, and lame superhero Melvin the Superhero Guy.

But of course, this show is all about the food, not the dummies. The couple has already experienced the culinary weirdness of Austin, enjoyed all sorts of incredible sandwiches in Los Angeles, and is set to check out the chicken in Jeff's hometown of Dallas next week.

Jeff Dunham's claim to fame may be his incredible skills as a ventriloquist and his biting sense of humor, but hey, even comedians need to eat when they're on the road. "Incredible Edible America With the Dunhams" airs Monday nights on Food Network.