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Challenge accepted: Popular culinary series 'Man v. Food' returns to Travel Channel

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Andrew Warren / TV Media
Casey Webb hosts "Man v. Food"

Casey Webb hosts "Man v. Food"

A culinary favorite has returned. After five years without new episodes, one of Travel Channel's most loved series is back with new locations, new foods and a new host.

"Man v. Food" premiered in 2008 and became an instant hit, lasting four seasons (with the last one changing both its format slightly, and its name to "Man v. Food Nation"), and remains popular to this day in reruns. 

For the new season, "Man v. Food" is returning to its roots, albeit with a new face on screen. Former host Adam Richman ("Food Fighters") has not returned, but actor, food lover and restaurant industry veteran Casey Webb ("Part Timers") is only too eager to take over in the Monday, Aug. 7, premiere.

For the revived series's first episode, Webb checks out some of the biggest and most outrageous foods that the Big Apple has to offer. First, he pays a visit to Manhattan, where he tracks down a burger that's stuffed with French fries and fondue. Then, he heads to Brooklyn for a taste of what might be the city's most innovative eat: a pizza on a pizza, served in a box made out of (you guessed it) pizza.

Each episode of "Man v. Food" starts out like this: with the host paying a city a visit and experiencing some of its most outrageous foods. The real fun, though, comes in the second half of the episode when Webb takes on one of the host city's food challenges.

For his New York visit, that challenge is at a little place on Staten Island called the Lunchbox. Here, he finds not just one but three extreme culinary tests: an eight-pound sloppy joe, a 151-ounce milkshake and a half-dozen wings doused with habanero ghost chili sauce that packs a million Scoville heat units (that's a lot). Unable to choose which challenge to take on, he leaves it up to chance before diving right in.

And that's where the show really lives up to its name. It's Casey Webb v. Food in "Man v. Food," with a whole new season of the fan favorite premiering Monday, Aug. 7, on Travel Channel.