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Big top taste: Bold foods turn up in an unexpected place

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Andrew Warren / TV Media
Noah Cappe hosts "Carnival Eats"

Noah Cappe hosts "Carnival Eats"

Carnivals sure are a feast for the senses, aren't they? The high-pitched shrieks as a roller-coaster thunders past blends with the heavy smell of ozone near the electric-powered bumper cars. The raucous ring-a-ding-dings from the games as people win prizes just works with the garish signs and billboards that shout out their messages with some absolutely bizarre color combinations.

The atmosphere is what makes fairs and carnivals so distinct, but for Cooking Channel's Noah Cappe, there's one sense that's most important: the sense of taste.

In "Carnival Eats," the charming Canadian actor is on a mission to track down the tastiest, most decadent and most unique foods that carnivals across the continent have to offer. With season 4 of the gastronomic celebration premiering Thursday, March 9, there's a seemingly endless variety of smells, shapes, colors and tastes waiting for him.

Stops in both the east and west are on Cappe's agenda in this season premiere. At the Big Butler Fair in Prospect, Pennsylvania, he has just one thing on his mind: meat. He soon finds that the Conevore is just what the doctor ordered. Packed to the brim with pork, chicken and smoked brisket, the savory delight leaves the host wanting more.

Food is certainly not hard to find at the fair, and Cappe doesn't have to wander far to find his next stop. He heats things up with a Ragin' Cajun Hoagie before polishing off his day with some sweet treats: a fried fruit tart and a big banana pop. 

Then, it's off to California for the San Mateo County Fair, where the Chile Relleno Burrito and World Series Burger bring a taste of real Americana to Cappe's taste buds. After sampling some delicious birthday cake popcorn balls in the Golden State, he ends his day with his belly much fuller than it was when he started out.

Forget fancy restaurants, outdoor festivals are where the real culinary world lives, at least according to Noah Cappe. Season 4 of "Carnival Eats" premieres Thursday, March 9, on Cooking Channel.