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Best of the best: Who is America's greatest home cook?

Chef Tyler Florence in “America’s Best Cook"

Contestant Sheri West is mentored by Chef Tyler Florence in “America’s Best Cook”
Just who is the best home cook in America? It's a question that Fox has been asking for the past several years with "Masterchef," to huge ratings success, and now the Food Network is looking to get its own piece of that ratings pie. It's kind of the opposite question to the one that the Food Network's been asking up until now -- after all, "Worst Cooks in America" isn't exactly seeking out culinary experts. The channel's new show, though, "America's Best Cook," is flipping things around and looking for the best amateurs that the nation has to offer. Premiering Sunday, April 13, the show will whittle down the competitors until the best is crowned -- an...