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Food fun in the sun: Food Network's stars are going Disney

Philippe and Melissa d'Arabian in “Disney Dream Cruise with Food Network”

The chefs and their families in "Disney Dream Cruise with Food Network"
Quick! Name two things that are amazing on their own, but are also great when they're put together. Thanks to one heck of a successful marketing campaign, chocolate and peanut butter are the two things that immediately jumped into my mind -- your results may vary. But a pairing of Disney Cruise Line and Food Network probably wouldn't be the first thing that most folks thought of. The mixup may not be as messed up as it seems. "Disney Dream Cruise with Food Network," a one-hour special airing on Friday, March 27, will follow along as four of the food-minded channel's celebrity chefs explore all that the good ship "Disney Dream" has to offer -- especially its amazing f...