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Order up!: Ty Pennington and Emeril Lagasse serve what's 'On the Menu'

Chef Emeril Lagasse as seen in “On the Menu”

Ty Pennington and Chef Emeril Lagasse as seen in “On the Menu”
How many times have you sat on the couch watching your favorite show featuring amateur home cooks -- whether it be Fox's "MasterChef," ABC's "The Taste" or any of the many others on the menu -- and longed (and I mean really longed) to try out some of the beautiful dishes being served up? Just how torturous is it to watch Gordon Ramsay gush about the party going on in his mouth, to listen to Anthony Bourdain wax on about the succulent aromas assaulting his nose, while all that we poor, suffering TV watchers get is a brightly lit view of the dish in question? Why, I say it's high time we foodies rose up and demanded that we, too, should get to taste these supposedly amazing ...