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En garde... Mince!: 'Top Chef Duels' forces former faves to face off

Gail Simmons as seen in “Top Chef Duels”

Chef Curtis Stone and Gail Simmons as seen in “Top Chef Duels”
OK, it's confession time. I was a doubter. Way back in 2006 (wow, was that really eight years ago?), when reality TV was ruling the roost, Bravo brought what I thought was an all-too-familiar taste to the table. Take a bunch of people, force them to live together and then throw challenge after challenge at these poor sods until only one of them's still hanging on. It felt tired, it felt familiar and the fact that these "cheftestants" (and heck, they were called the ridiculous-sounding "cheftestants!) were all professional chefs just didn't seem like it would help "Top Chef" stand out from a saturated reality field. Boy, was I ever wrong. "Top Chef" turned out to be incred...