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Fired up: 'American Grilled' wraps up a smokin' hot first season

Host David Guas as seen in “American Grilled”

Host David Guas with fellow judges Danielle Dimovski and John Jamison as seen in “American Grilled”
What could be more American than grilling? It's not just a rhetorical question. From north to south, east to west, no matter what the culinary traditions are in the region, the grill is there. Whether it is whole hogs in Virginia or blue crabs along Maryland's eastern shoreline, T-bone steaks in Texas or quail in Georgia, cooks from all walks of life fire up the heat and throw down some meat -- and sometimes even veggies. "American Grilled" is airing its season finale Wednesday, Sept. 24, on Travel Channel, and if you haven't been watching this sizzling sensation with host David Guas, you've been missing out on something special. Cut ...