Andrew Lincoln stars in “The Walking Dead”

'Dead' ahead: Fans rejoice as season 6 of 'The Walking Dead' premieres on AMC

Andrew Lincoln and Chandler Riggs star in “The Walking Dead”
Not long ago, vampires were all the rage on television and the big screen. Now, zombies have taken over and they seem to be unstoppable. Hailed as an "honest-to-god phenomenon" by Variety, few television shows have sparked the same sort of "fandemonium" as AMC's ...

James Van Der Beek stars in “CSI: Cyber”

Turn it off and on again: 'CSI: Cyber' gets its second season

James Van Der Beek stars in “CSI: Cyber”
Turn if off and on again: "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" has finally powered down after 15 years of crime fighting and intrigue, but that doesn't mean that the franchise is obsolete. At its height, the crime drama was the most popular show on the planet, and it finally came to a s...

Back in a 'Flash': CW's speedy superhero is back for a second season

Grant Gustin stars in “The Flash”
With the summer’s late sunsets and balmy evenings behind us for another year, we can finally go back to parking ourselves in front of the TV in the evening relatively guilt-free. Premiere season is upon us -- in fact, we’re right in the thick of it. As you’re getting reacquainted wit...