Gemma Chan stars in “Humans”

Only human: AMC's 'Humans' blurs the lines between artificial and real intelligence

Gemma Chan stars in “Humans”
It's not a stretch to think that some day we could be living side by side with lifelike robots that are practically indiscernible from people. At the rate technology is advancing (and at the rate we're consuming it), the idea of humanoid robotic assistants doesn't seem as far-fetched as it did e...

Roger Cross in "Dark Matter"

In the 'Dark': Sci-fi producer duo takes a 'graphic' path to TV

The cast of “Dark Matter”
It is said that there is nothing new under the sun. Ideas are explored, rehashed, discarded and revived in new works in a cycle as certain as our orbit around our nearest star. Quite often, books, shows or plays are adapted for the big screen or vice versa. Syfy's new space opera "Dark Matter" is,...

Derek Jacobi in “Last Tango in Halifax”

The dance of romance: 'Last Tango in Halifax' returns to PBS

Anne Reid and Derek Jacobi in “Last Tango in Halifax”
The dance of romance: Most young romances -- that's romances that people stumble into while they're young -- peter out as the lovebirds grow older and wiser in the ways of the world. The qualities that attract us while we're starry-eyed teenagers usually are not what we'...