Peter Griffin in a scene from "Family Guy"

'Family' like no other: Long awaited crossover is finally here

The Griffins visit the Simpson family in a special crossover episode of “Family Guy”
'Family' like no other: It's been in the works for a long time, but TV's top two animated families are finally coming together. Sunday, Sept. 28, will witness a hilarious new television event on Fox with a one-hour crossover special of "Th...

Dylan McDermott stars in “Stalker”

Bar your doors: 'Stalker' may be 'the scariest drama' CBS has ever aired

Dylan McDermott and Maggie Q star in “Stalker”
These days, you’re probably seldom given pause when you tweet about the concert you’re at or post a shot of your meal at the restaurant you like to frequent. With everyone and his dog running rampant on social media, we’ve all made ourselves extremely accessible to our fr...

John Cho stars in “Selfie”

The 'instafame' game: ABC's 'Selfie' puts a comedic spin on social media

Karen Gillan and John Cho star in “Selfie”
Pucker up and smile pretty for the camera! ABC is hashtagging, Instagramming and friending its way through the sitcom scene with a new half-hour laugher that's set to take social media from the computer screen to the TV screen. Catch the series premiere of "Selfie," airing Tuesday,...