Julie Bowen and Ty Burrell star in "Modern Family"

All grown up: ABC's favorite 'Family' sprouts before our eyes

The cast of “Modern Family”
In a cutthroat world where ratings reign supreme, everyone is trying to find something special to make their show stand out and withstand the dreaded early cancellations. In the packed comedy world, many show-runners have been moving away from a more standard family setting towards the workplace....

Jenna Coleman in “Doctor Who”

Doctor's orders: 'Doctor Who's' new season is keeping a familiar face

Jenna Coleman in “Doctor Who”
Doctor's orders: You can't keep the Doctor down, that's for sure. That is, at least when the Doctor is the titular character in BBC America's "Doctor Who," the alien Time Lord who cannot die -- at least not by conventional means. And "Doctor Who" -- the show -- is much the same. Like some sor...

Ben Barnes stars in "Sons of Liberty"

The birth of a nation: History's mini-series 'Sons of Liberty' depicts a classic tale of independence

Ryan Eggold, Michael Raymond-James, Ben Barnes, Rafe Spall and Henry Thomas star in “Sons of Liberty”
Great things have small beginnings, no matter their origin or purpose. And "Sons of Liberty" shines a new light on perhaps the greatest tale of them all, that of Sam Adams, John Hancock and the rest of the Founding Fathers ...