Emily Piggford in "Killjoys"

Third time's the charm: Syfy's 'Killjoys' returns for an action-packed third season

Aaron Ashmore, Michael Potter, Viktoria Modesta, Prince Amponsah, Sean Fowler and Emily Piggford in "Killjoys"
The cold outer reaches of space may not seem like the ideal summer destination for some, but hundreds of thousands of sci-fi fans are celebrating the return of intergalactic adventures on Friday evenings. As war looms...

Vicky from "Alien Sharks"

Back in the water: Discovery's Shark Week both entertains and informs

Vicky and a goblin shark from "Alien Sharks"
Back in the water: Discovery has a love affair with the ocean's greatest toothy predators, and so does its audience. Sharks -- killing machines so deadly that they've changed very little over millions of years -- are the stars of the channel's annual week-long programming event,...

Peter Mensah stars in "Midnight, Texas"

Full moon: Extraordinary and supernatural beings stand their ground in 'Midnight, Texas'

Peter Mensah stars in "Midnight, Texas"
Hollywood has been turning novels into big- and small-screen sensations for decades, and while specialty cable channels may seem to have that market cornered at the moment (see "Game of Thrones," "Outlander" and oh so many more), NBC is about to give them a run for their money. The peaco...