Brandon Micheal Hall in "God Friended Me"

Internet highway to heaven: Atheist finds divine online in 'God Friended Me'

Brandon Micheal Hall in "God Friended Me"
In many areas, church attendance has been on the decline as people continue to question the existence and nature of God. A new television series has the potential to spark thoughtful conversations about spirituality and religion, for believers and non-believers alike. Brandon Micheal H...

Candice Bergen stars in "Murphy Brown"

Hard-hitting comedy: Check out the new 'Murphy Brown'

Nik Dodani, Tyne Daly, Grant Shaud, Faith Ford, Jake McDorman, Candice Bergen and Joe Regalbuto star in "Murphy Brown"
As more and more classic series are revived, it seems to be the era of the TV reboot. However, while most updates feature shiny new casts and revamped storylines, a couple of classics have returned more or less...

Juliette Lewis in "Camping"

'Bearly' comedy: A camping trip gone wrong brings all the right laughs

Arturo Del Puerto and Juliette Lewis in "Camping"
'Bearly' comedy: Ah, camping. Such a wonderful way to get back to nature -- a way to unwind and destress. At least, that's what it's supposed to be like. Like all things in life, a camping trip doesn't always work out the way it's supposed to, but as eventful as a wilderness get...