Third time's the charm: Syfy's 'Killjoys' returns for an action-packed third season

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Kyla Brewer / TV Media
 Aaron Ashmore, Michael Potter, Viktoria Modesta, Prince Amponsah, Sean Fowler and Emily Piggford in "Killjoys"

Aaron Ashmore, Michael Potter, Viktoria Modesta, Prince Amponsah, Sean Fowler and Emily Piggford in "Killjoys"

The cold outer reaches of space may not seem like the ideal summer destination for some, but hundreds of thousands of sci-fi fans are celebrating the return of intergalactic adventures on Friday evenings. As war looms in a distant four-planet system known as The Quad, a trio of bounty hunters could hold the key to saving the galaxy.

Dutch (Hannah John-Kamen, "Star Wars: The Force Awakens," 2015), John (Aaron Ashmore, "Smallville") and D'avin (Luke Macfarlane, "Brothers & Sisters") returned to the airwaves at the end of June, and the fun continues with a new episode of "Killjoys," airing Friday, July 28, on Syfy. This marks season 3 for the action-packed series about a team of interplanetary bounty hunters responsible for apprehending fugitives and property for the RAC (Reclamation Apprehension Coalition) throughout The Quad. However, over the course of the past two seasons, they've uncovered a conspiracy within the RAC.

"Killjoys" was renewed for a 10-episode third season shortly after the season 2 finale in September of last year, and fans have been anxious for its return ever since. A listing as one of Variety's 25 Best Returning Shows of 2016 in December upped the ante for the new season even more. In a teaser for season 3, the cast had a lot to say about what's in store for viewers.

"If you liked the first two seasons, you're going to get a lot of that, but more," Ashmore promised. "There's more mystery, there's more storylines. We get a chance to meet a lot of new characters, and we're blowing stuff up, we're kicking butt, we're crying, we're laughing -- a little bit of everything."

After the death of Dutch's former mentor, Khylen (Rob Stewart, "Nikita"), at the end of season 2, Dutch and the others have been gearing up for a war with the Hullen, a race of humans bonded with an invasive neuroparasite. The symbiont gives them enhanced strength, reflexes and endurance, as well as healing powers. They are led by Khylen's daughter, Aneela, who's portrayed by John-Kamen in a dual role.

Rife with strong female characters, the series is part of a new trend celebrating the power of femme fatales such as Aneela. Having bonded with the green plasma containing the neuroparasite when she was young, the Hullen leader appears to be quite mad as she travels from system to system on a quest to take control of the galaxy and get revenge for the death of her father.

While Aneela has been readying her forces for battle, Dutch and D'avin have been struggling to assemble an army as they prepare to pick a side in the looming war. But first they'll have to convince a ragtag crew of bounty hunters to abandon their "the warrant is all" mindset. Elsewhere, D'avin's brother John has been navigating an underground world of tech-savvy "hackmods" after receiving a distress call from Clara (Stephanie Leonidas, "Defiance"). John is still dealing with grief after the death of his beloved Pawter (Sarah Power, "Wild Roses") in season 2.

Hannah John-Kamen stars in "Killjoys"

Hannah John-Kamen stars in "Killjoys"

Fans will be happy that a number of last season's favorites will be returning in season 3, including Thom Allison ("Kim's Convenience") as warlord-turned-bartender Pree and Sean Baek ("The Art of More") as Khylen's former right-hand man, Fancy Lee. Patrick Garrow ("Pure") also reprises his role as Turin, a high-ranking RAC officer.

Season 3 welcomes a number of newcomers as well. Kelly McCormack ("Defiance") causes trouble for the team as Zeph, while Karen LeBlanc ("Motive") takes on the mantle of Banyon, a new high-ranking RAC officer. After his one-episode stint as Gander in 2015, Ted Atherton ("The Expanse") joins the team full time to serve once again as Aneela's lieutenant. Finally, Prince Amponsah (who is new to the small screen) portrays Havigan, the owner of a hackmod bar, and Michel Potter, Viktoria Modesta, Sean Fowler (all newcomers) and Emily Piggford ("Hemlock Grove") make up his crew.

This season's guest stars include Saamer Usmani ("Reign"), Mac Fyfe ("Saving Hope") and Atticus Mitchell ("Young Drunk Punk").

Created by Michelle Lovretta ("Lost Girl") the sci-fi space romp known as "Killjoys" was ordered to series by Canada's Space channel back in 2013, and Syfy had hopped on board to co-produce the series by the spring of 2014. The show is produced by Temple Street Productions, which also produces "Orphan Black," another hit on both sides of the border.

While "Killjoys" has drawn fire from some critics who feel it doesn't offer anything new to the science fiction genre, "Killjoys" has earned the attention of the television industry and snagged a number of nominations for high-profile awards. In 2016, the show was nominated for two Canadian Screen Awards -- Best Achievement in Makeup and Best Visual Effects. The show also earned back-to-back nominations for Prix Aurora Awards for Best Visual Presentation in 2016 and 2017. 

Praised for its witty banter and action, "Killjoys" has established itself as a keystone program in Syfy's Friday night lineup, which also includes "Dark Matter" and "Wynonna Earp." Join Dutch, D'avin and John as the fun kicks off in a new episode of "Killjoys," airing Friday, July 28, on Syfy.