One final trip: Peter Capaldi launches final 'Doctor Who' season

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Andrew Warren / TV Media
Pearl Mackie stars in "Doctor Who"

Pearl Mackie stars in "Doctor Who"

One final trip: The U.K.'s iconic time-traveling alien is back to save the world again with a new companion, new adventures and even some new enemies. It's also the swan song for this incarnation of the Time Lord, along with the series's long-serving head writer and executive producer.

Peter Capaldi ("The Fifth Estate," 2013) reprises his role as enigmatic do-gooder The Doctor when "Doctor Who" returns to BBC America Saturday, April 15. His third season as an eccentric alien Time Lord who travels through space and time solving problems and fighting monsters will also be his last, and the Doctor Who fandom is running wild with rumors of just who will be his successor -- so far, no official comments have been made as to who it will be.

Of course, The Doctor rarely travels alone -- he needs a companion, and after Clara Oswald's (Jenna Coleman, "Victoria") departure last season, he's been sorely in need of a new friend.

Newcomer Pearl Mackie ("Doctors," 2014) joins the cast as Bill, The Doctor's new companion, friend and ally. Recurring character Nardole (Matt Lucas, "Alice Through the Looking Glass," 2016), who last joined the Time Lord in this past December's Christmas special, is also slated to return, as is The Doctor's long-serving nemesis, the renegade Time Lord, Missy (Michelle Gomez, "Green Wing").

Capaldi isn't the only one moving on to new pastures at the end of this season. Steven Moffat, who has served as both head writer and executive producer for six seasons, is also passing on the torch.

"Doctor Who" first premiered in 1963 with William Hartnell ("The Army Game") as the titular Doctor, and aired continuously until 1989. Since its revival in 2005, four actors have portrayed the Time Lord (or five, depending on how you count them), and the series continues to hold a special place in British culture.

The Doctor returns to BBC America with his new companion, Bill, Saturday, April 15.


America's Got Tyra: The start of the summer's hottest talent competition is almost upon us, and this year's 12th season has a new host at the helm.

NBC's "America's Got Talent" returns to the peacock network Tuesday, May 30, with a bunch of new talents hoping to impress enough judges with their incredible (and sometimes embarrassing) skills to move on to the live portion of the competition that begins in early August.

Comedian Nick Cannon ("Garfield," 2004), who served as host for the past eight seasons, is not returning to his role after a very public feud with NBC.

But, as they say in the 'biz, "the show must go on," and an experienced host has joined the show's lineup. Supermodel Tyra Banks ("Tropic Thunder," 2008) has stepped into Cannon's role, and it's one that she should fit right into.

She created and executive produced "America's Next Top Model," and presented it for its first 22 seasons, and even hosted her own talk show ("The Tyra Banks Show") that ran for five seasons, winning two Daytime Emmys.

Banks seems to have the hosting chops needed for the demanding role in one of the biggest shows in reality television. For fans who like consistency, the rest of season 12 should feel pretty comfortable: Howie Mandel ("Deal or No Deal"), Heidi Klum ("Project Runway"), Mel B ("Dancing With the Stars") and Simon Cowell ("American Idol") all return as judges when "America's Got Talent" returns Tuesday, May 30, on NBC.


An 'eXtraordinary' casting: Fox is dipping its toe in a second superhero universe. The network, which already has the Batman-inspired hit "Gotham" on its roster, is working on a pilot for a series based on the X-Men franchise.

As any comic book fan knows, those hail from different superhero universes -- DC and Marvel, respectively. With superhero shows all the rage right now, though, the major networks have been eager to expand their rosters.

Amy Acker has been cast in a leading role for the as-yet-unnamed series, and it's a bit of a Marvel homecoming for the actress. She previously appeared in another Marvel show, ABC's "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.," in a minor role. Her face is probably more familiar from her time in "Person of Interest," in which she starred for all five of the sci-drama's seasons.

In the new series, she plays a devoted mother who is forced to go on the run with her teenaged children when one of them turns out to be a mutant with dangerous abilities. It's the classic people-vs-mutants story that the X-Men movie franchise is so famous for, but with the more relatable touch of being from the perspective of non-mutants.

The untitled "X-Men" show is still in early preproduction stages, with more casting announcements expected soon.