Far from 'Worst': Hit FXX comedy returns for a fourth season

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Andrew Warren / TV Media
Aya Cash stars in "You're the Worst"

Aya Cash stars in "You're the Worst"

Far from 'Worst': Things are going from bad to "worst." Or would that be from "worst" to "worster?" Either way, it isn't mutilating the English language that the gang from FXX's critically acclaimed comedy "You're the Worst" needs to worry about when the show's fourth season premieres with back-to-back episodes Wednesday, Sept. 6. No, it's getting their lives and relationships back on track after the devastating events of last season's finale that's important this season for Jimmy (Chris Geere, "After Earth," 2013) and Gretchen (Aya Cash, "The Wolf of Wall Street," 2013).

No spoilers here for folks still catching up on last season, but as Gretchen and Jimmy move into a new phase of their lives, a number of new characters are introduced this season -- and new characters mean new actors.

First up, Colin Ferguson ("Eureka") now stars as Boone, a down-to-earth fella who operates a charitable non-profit -- so pretty much the exact opposite of the less-than-wholesome main duo. 

Meanwhile, the season sees Gretchen visit her hometown, where she reconnects with an old friend (Zosia Mamet, "Girls") who now runs a roller-skating rink (expect a lot of roller-skating), while Lou Diamond Phillips ("Longmire") stars as a non-roller-skating version of himself with an unconventional love of lemons, of all things.

It's that slightly off-the-wall edge that's made "You're the Worst" a hit with audiences and critics alike. Also starring Desmin Borges ("Mr. Popper's Penguins," 2011) and Kether Donohue ("Pitch Perfect," 2012), at its heart, the comedy is about the romantic relationship between the self-destructive Gretchen and self-involved Jimmy. 

"You're the Worst" returns with some new faces in back-to-back new episodes airing Wednesday, Sept. 6, on FXX.


All grown up: There are a lot of successful TV shows out there, but when one gets a spinoff? Well, that's a sign that a show has truly grown up. Since its premiere in 2014, ABC's "Black-ish" has earned Golden Globe and Emmy nominations, won critical acclaim and won over countless fans with its on-point humor and charming cast of characters.

Last season, oldest daughter Zoey (Yara Shahidi, "The First Family") headed off to college, and that's the setup for "Grown-ish," a new spinoff in the works that's set to premiere on Freeform early next year.

Shahidi toplines the cast, but she has some serious talent lining up to join her in the new series. Fellow "Black-ish" actor Deon Cole ("Angie Tribeca") is making the jump to the spinoff, while "Saturday Night Live's" Chris Parnell is on board as the dean of Southern California University, along with "American Crime's" Trevor Jackson. Both Parnell and Jackson appeared in "Black-ish" last season as part of the backdoor pilot for the new series. Emily Arlook ("Just Add Water," 2008) is also set to star.

"'Grown-ish' reflects what we'll be dealing with in the show -- that in-between place where you're not quite an adult but facing grown-world problems for the first time," said series creator and executive producer Kenya Barris in a statement. "Where 'Black-ish' examines what it means to be black, 'Grown-ish' is an examination of what it is and what it means to be grown."

And that's what "Black-ish" is at its heart, and what "Grown-ish" seems to also want to be: a show about the challenges and struggles that millions of people experience every single day, but with hilarious twists that help to take the sharp edge off of what are often very serious issues. Watch for "Grown-ish" early next year on Freeform.


Back to Miami: The fall TV season has barely begun, but network execs are already looking past current series to the future. For NBC, the future is looking an awful lot like the past.

The network is working on a reboot of one of its most successful procedurals from the 1980s. "Miami Vice" ran for five seasons on the peacock network, famously blending New Wave rock music, chic fashion and the streets of Miami. The potential reboot is being driven by movie star Vin Diesel ("Furious 7," 2015), whose production company has brought "Furious 7" screenwriter and executive producer Chris Morgan on board to lead the project alongside Diesel.

The original series starred Don Johnson ("Nash Bridges") and Philip Michael Thomas ("Fate," 2003) as a pair of Miami cops dealing with the crime of the week, usually involving drugs. A 2006 film starring Colin Farrell ("Total Recall," 2012) and Jamie Foxx ("Django Unchained," 2012) in the lead roles struggled at the box office despite decent reviews.

Miami may be a different city today than it was in the '80s -- heck, find me a city that isn't -- but it's still a city of sun, fun and music. "Miami Vice" is still early in planning, but if it gets a series order, expect it sometime in the 2018-19 TV season.