Haley Bennett in a scene from "Swallow"

New Releases for the week of August 2 - 8


When Hunter Conrad (Bennett), a soft-spoken young woman from a lower working-class family in Upstate New York, marries Richie (Stowell), the son of a wealthy CEO set to inherit his father's Manhattan business, they move in together to the couple's first home, an extravagant home on the Hudson River. After moving into the palatial house, Hunter finds herself both unf...

James Purefoy stars in "Fisherman's Friends"

New Releases for the week of July 26 - August 1

Fisherman's Friends

Danny (Mays), a hardened London music executive, heads to the Cornwall coast for his colleague's bachelor party. During a day out, the friends come across a group of singing fishermen, a sight so hilarious to Danny's elitist boss, Troy (Clarke), that he tells Danny to sign the fishermen to a prank record deal. Danny finds himself taken aback by the talen...

Tom Hardy stars in "Capone"

New Releases for the week of July 19 - 25


After being arrested and convicted of tax evasion, infamous mobster and feared bootlegger Al Capone (Hardy) is released from incarceration after serving less than a decade in various prisons for his heinous crimes. Released to live his remaining years with his wife, Mae (Cardellini), in their mansion in Palm Island, Florida, Capone is no longer deemed a threat due to...