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The Intergalactic Adventures of Max Cloud

Sarah (Allen) loves playing video games and wishes she could play them forever. When she finds an Easter egg while playing her favorite game, her wish comes true and she is transported to an intergalactic prison, where her male avatar (James Langridge) must team up with space hero Max Cloud (Adkins) to escape. With some help from her clueless gamer friend, Cowboy (Drameh), in the real world, Sarah must complete the game or remain trapped in the digital world forever.

Director: Martin Owen. Stars: Scott Adkins, John Hannah, Lashana Lynch, Elliot James Langridge, Tommy Flanagan, Franz Drameh, Sam Hazeldine, Sally Collett, Isabelle Allen. 2020. 88 mins. Adventure.


Dead Reckoning

Following the death of her parents, Tillie (Eisley) starts going out with a local cab driver, Niko (Apa), hoping it will distract her from her grief. The two hit it off, but their perfect summer romance is cut short when Niko's terrorist brother, Marco (Adkins), arrives with plans to bomb the upcoming Fourth of July celebrations on Nantucket Island. Niko finds himself in the painful position of opposing his own brother in order to prevent the attack, but if he and Tillie don't succeed, thousands will lose their lives.

Director: Andrzej Bartkowiak. Stars: K.J. Apa, India Eisley, Scott Adkins, James Remar, Ellie Cornell, Sydney Park. 2020. 91 mins. Action.


Always and Forever

Long ago at summer camp, four girls swore to remain friends "always and forever." Now, the girls are grown up and one of them is dead. Reunited by the tragedy, the women soon realize they are the targets of a deranged killer who won't stop until all of them are dead. As they race to find answers, one of the women, Nicole (Addai-Robinson), pieces together that their stalker may have something to do with what happened at camp one fateful summer's eve long ago.

Director: Chris Stokes. Stars: Cynthia Addai-Robinson, Robbie Jones, Aundrea Smith, Loretta Devine, Wood Harris, Lauren London, Victoria Montoya. 2020. 98 mins. Thriller.