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Honest Thief

Tom Dolan (Neeson) has made a name for himself stealing large amounts of money from multiple banks, all while keeping his identity a secret. After he falls in love with Annie (Walsh), a psychology graduate working at the storage facility where Tom keeps his loot, he vows to put his dirty past behind him so they can have a future together. Tom attempts to turn himself in to the FBI in exchange for a lighter sentence, but when the two agents sent to interview him discover Tom's stash, they instead conspire to keep the money for themselves.

Director: Mark Williams. Stars: Liam Neeson, Kate Walsh, Jai Courtney, Jeffrey Donovan, Anthony Ramos, Robert Patrick, Jasmine Cephas Jones. 2020. 99 mins. Action.


The Last Shift

Stanley (Jenkins) is ready to throw in the towel at Oscar's Chicken and Fish after working there for 38 years and thus begins training his younger replacement, Jevon (McGhie), during the graveyard shift. While Stanley considers his low-wage job a career, Jevon feels destined for greater things and is only flipping burgers to support his writing aspirations. As the two interact during the long night hours, Jevon's big world ideas clashing with Stanley's old-time simplicity, the two men begin to form an unlikely bond.

Director: Andrew Cohn. Stars: Richard Jenkins, Shane Paul McGhie, Ed O'Neill, Da'Vine Joy Randolph, Birgundi Baker, Allison Tolman, Alex Stein. 2020. 90 mins. Comedy.



Nine friends are celebrating their high school reunion with a camping getaway in the woods. Their night of partying takes a horrific turn when their old science teacher shows up and, having strapped explosive vests to his former students, tells the friends that only one of them will leave the woods alive. The vests each have varying countdowns, and the friends can add time to their own by triggering the vests of others and killing them. The group races to find an escape from the sadistic game, but underlying admissions and harbored grudges ultimately lead them deeper into chaos.

Director: Alastair Orr. Stars: Reine Swart, Liesl Ahlers, Sean Cameron Michael, Suraya Santos, Craig Urbani, Steven John Ward, Cameron Scott, Russell Crous, Kayla Privett. 2020. 94 mins. Horror.