Recaps for the week of March 27 - 31

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Maurice Benard stars in "General Hospital"

Maurice Benard stars in "General Hospital"

The Bold and the Beautiful

Believing that he has lost Brooke forever, Bill considers starting a brand new life outside of Los Angeles. Ridge and Quinn are anxious as they await news of their fates. Ridge tries to prevent his affair with Quinn from being exposed to the wrong person. In Los Angeles, the Forrester family anticipates details of the weddings taking place in Australia. Steffy hints to Liam that she has a surprise for him while they are on their honeymoon. Quinn struggles with a great deal of guilt when Eric plans a romantic last evening for them in Australia. When members of the Forrester family criticize Sally's character, Thomas jumps in to defend her. Not trusting the Spectra family, Zende keeps a close eye on Coco as she and RJ work with Forrester Creations's newest designs. Katie confronts Ridge about the current state of his relationship to Brooke. Coco and RJ get to know one another better as they reveal moments from their respective pasts.

Days of Our Lives

Jade's manipulation of Joey takes a turn for the worse. Brady turns to Marlena for advice regarding Nicole. Steve and Tripp take a paternity test to find out whether or not Steve is really Tripp's father. Later, Steve has some shocking news for Tripp. Dario makes a huge confession to Abigail. Jade is rushed to the hospital. Abe tries to talk to Eli for Valerie. Adrienne finally makes a decision between Justin and Lucas. Tripp makes a call to find out more information about his mother. Eli gets to know Gabi a little better. Nicole is floored when Brady returns to Canada and professes his love for her. Eric and Jennifer are looking forward to their date, but things don't go exactly as planned. Kate witnesses a kiss between Chloe and Eduardo. Dario is hurt by Abigail's decision. Nicole worries that her neighbor may threaten her happiness with Brady. Abigail has questions for Chad about Deimos's beating.

General Hospital

Laura grills Sonny for more information. Jason has questions about the welfare of his child. Lucy goes into attack mode. Ava pays a huge price for silence. Carly receives an ultimatum. Alexis is startled by an unexpected guest. Anna is stunned by the allegations made by Valentin. Ava strikes a deal with Lucy. Ned questions Olivia's feelings. Franco looks for advice from an unlikely source. Liz makes a confession to Kiki. Jason does whatever it takes to protect his family. Someone puts Nelle on notice. Valentin makes an effort to fill in the blanks. Sam starts up her own investigation.

The Young and the Restless

Cane feels that he must recommend Juliet to Victoria for the division manager job at Brash & Sassy and Victoria agrees to interview her. Jack confronts Ashley about her feelings for Ravi. Ashley responds by asking Jack why he keeps Gloria around. Victor asks Scott to write his autobiography. When Scott shares the news with Sharon, she explains that she has a long history with the Newman family. Later, Scott accepts Victor's offer, though Nikki has reservations about the whole thing. Abby is miffed when Victoria interrupts a presentation she was giving to Victor. After hearing about Ashley's job offer to Neil, Devon suggests he and Neil start a company together. Nikki watches as Reed has a discouraging music lesson with a tough instructor. Later, Nikki offers Tessa, a young woman performing outside Crimson Lights, a job as Reed's new music teacher. Hilary gets Jordan to do a photo shoot for her rebranding. During the shoot, Jordan kisses her.