Recaps for the week of February 27 - March 3

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Kelly Monaco and Billy Miller as seen in "General Hospital"

Kelly Monaco and Billy Miller as seen in "General Hospital"

The Bold and the Beautiful

Sally convinces Thomas to let Coco interview for an internship with Forrester Creations, and Coco's professionalism and experience really impress. Coco gets the internship, but Sally starts feeling guilty about using her as a spy, prompting Saul and Shirley to remind Sally why they're doing so. Coco, meanwhile, isn't so sure she wants to go along with the scheme anymore, as she does want to start a career in fashion. Rick is furious when he finds out Coco is a Spectra. Steffy and Liam finalize their wedding plans. Ridge's reaction isn't quite what Steffy had hoped for. Ridge and Quinn end up in a compromising position. Charlie remains suspicious of Ridge and Quinn, and brings up his worries with Pam, who is in disbelief. Nicole and Zende are back from their honeymoon with plenty of memories. Brooke visits Bill and gives him a meaningful birthday present.

Days of Our Lives

Nicole tells Deimos that she is done with him for good, and later, he accuses Brady of being in love with her. Nicole pleads with Chloe to give her baby back, and Deimos concocts a plan to kidnap the baby. After Nicole makes a move out of desperation, Deimos and Brady argue over how to help her. Gabi overhears Lani and JJ agreeing to go on a date together. Abigail and Chad continue to develop a relationship, but have an awkward encounter with Gabi. Love is in the air as Hope and Rafe go on a date, and later discover that massive changes are happening at the Salem police department. Things come to a head between Paul and Sonny. Eric and Jennifer share a special moment. Jade and Joey receive some surprising news. Dario shares secrets with Gabi. Eduardo swears he will do anything for Kate.

General Hospital

Nelle, who wants a future with Michael, gets some advice from Bobbie, before Nelle starts planning her escape. After learning the truth, Alexis looks to Jordan for some assistance. A break benefits Julian, and Laura disappoints Tracy in a big way. Jason doesn't live up to his word, and his and Franco duke it out. Some shocking news devastates Liz. Kevin is on the hunt for answers to his burning questions. Michael divulges some information to Sonny. A sacrifice is made by Finn. Robin worries for her mother's safety. Ava is grilled for answers by Jordan.

The Young and the Restless

Gloria dotes upon Jack at Jabot, giving him a shoulder massage, but Michael catches them in the act. Incensed, Michael demands to know what Jack's intentions are with Gloria, and Jack fibs, saying he is indebted to Gloria. Elsewhere, Jill hears from Jack that he knows it was Colin who stole her money. Jill promises Jack that she'll buy his share of Fenmore's when she's healthy. When Colin tries to collect his things, he's told by Esther that they've been donated. Nikki and Victoria discuss Reed's transgressions, and Nikki tries to remind Victoria that she was a bit of a rebel in her youth, too. In an effort to be more patient with Reed, Victoria asks Reed if he'll play some music for her, and when he does, she's thoroughly impressed. Sharon and Noah discuss Noah's breakup with Marisa. Then, Noah listens as Sharon admits that Dylan is part of the Witness Protection Program. Cane is thrilled when he's appointed head of Brash & Sassy's Asia division. Nick and Chelsea make date plans, which doesn't sit well with Faith. Jill learns Colin is still in love with her, but she's determined to move on.