Q: Four or five years ago, a TV series was on -- I think it was called "The Twelfth Hour." The main character was a newspaper reporter, and he and his staff found out that there were 12 special clocks hidden throughout the world and they tried to find the

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Adam Thomlison / TV Media

Time was never on the side of "Zero Hour." (Good try on the title, by the way -- you were close.)

It was a "Da Vinci Code" clone that came about six years too late, critics said it tried to fit too much plot into too little time, and ABC never really gave it a chance to find an audience.

Ultimately, ABC essentially tried to hide "Zero Hour" like one of the mysterious clocks that drove the plot. After airing the first three episodes in February 2012, it banished the rest to the dead of summer.

So your question of whether there was more depends on when you stopped watching. If you understandably lost track of it in February, there were 10 more episodes to go, which aired from June to August. If you missed those, you won't find them on DVD or Blu-Ray -- the show never got an official release.

The good news is the internet's appetite for content is nearly infinite -- you can find "Zero Hour" available to stream in some locations.

It's hard to blame ABC for wanting this one to be forgotten. "Zero Hour's" premiere actually set a network record for the lowest-rated regular-season debut for a scripted show, and the numbers didn't improve from there.

But you also can't blame the network for trying it. The show's blend of mystery, history and Christian mysticism did indeed have strong echoes of "The Da Vinci Code," the novel that set the literary world on fire in 2003 and whose popularity peaked with a blockbuster film in 2006. Even six years later, people were still trying to catch some of that magic.

And Anthony Edwards, who toplined "Zero Hour," was still a popular draw, even though his last full-time TV gig was a decade earlier on "ER."


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